416 Rigby

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416 Rigby Ammo is a rifle cartridge designed in 1911 by London based gunmaker John Rigby & Company, for hunting dangerous game.It is the first cartridge to use a bullet of .416 inch (10.57 mm) diameter. The rifles, as built by John Rigby & Co., were initially made up on the Magnum Mauser 98 action (a derivative of the Gewehr 98 bolt-action rifle), although in later years, some were made on standard length actions, a perfect example being the rifle used by legendary professional hunter Harry Selby.Other famous users of the cartridge were Commander David Enderby Blunt, John Taylor, and Jack O’Connor.

Origin And History

Two major developments at the turn of the 20th century set the course for the development of .416 Rigby Ammo as a successful big game hunting cartridge. The first was the development of cordite in the UK in 1889 and second the development of the Magnum Mauser 98 action based on the Gewehr 98 bolt-action magazine rifle which was designed in Germany.


The .416 cartridge case is one of the most voluminous case and was originally designed to utilize cordite strands as a propellant.

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