30 Remington AR Ammo For Sale

.30 Remington AR cartridge was created in 2008 by Remington Arms to fill a perceived gap in performance on large game between the .223 Remington and larger cartridges such as the .308 Winchester.Design of the cartridge is considered a joint effort between companies under the “Freedom Group” name through a private equity firm and included such companies as Bushmaster, DPMS and Remington itself. It is a rebated rim cartridge designed to fit Remington’s R-15 semiautomatic hunting rifle. It was designed to fit the dimensional constraints of the AR-15 magazine and is based on a modification of the .450 Bushmaster, which in turn was based on the .284 Winchester.

Remington was the only company that manufactured this ammunition and its components. The cartridge was a commercial failure and has been discontinued by Remington.

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